Stampede Sports Arena
(817) 416-7777
250 Players Circle, Southlake , TX, 76092

Today's Games
5:30 PM - Los Luchadores v Mid-Cities United
5:30 PM - Solar West 11B Hamilton v The Toffees
6:15 PM - Keller Illusion v FC United 05G
6:15 PM - Ninjas v The Blue Cheetahs
7:00 PM - Bears v Avengers
7:00 PM - Oozma Kappa v DYB 2.0
7:45 PM - United FC v Keep Calm Play On
8:30 PM - Holco v Draught Kings
8:30 PM - Clique v Rebels
9:15 PM - Grayhawks v Gunners FC

1a. 2019 - Winter Flag Football - Small Fry (5-6)
1b. 2019 - Winter Flag Football - Bantam (7-8)
1b. 2019 - Winter Flag Football - Bantam Kid QB (7-8)
1c. 2019 - Winter Flag Football - Junior (9-10)
1d. 2019 - Winter Flag Football - Senior (11-12)
2019/Fall/7v7 Coed Open/Central
2019/Fall/7v7 Coed Open/South
2019/Fall/Mens Open 6v6/Championship
2019/Fall/Mens Open 6v6/Intermediate
2019/Winter/6v6 Mens Over 30/Central
2019/Winter/6v6 Mens Over 30/North
2019/Winter/6v6 Mens Over 30/South
2019/Winter/Friday/5v5 Coed Beginner Beer League/Non-Competitive
2019/Winter/Friday/7v7 Coed Beer League/Competitive
2019/Winter/Friday/7v7 Coed Beer League/Non-Competitive
2019/Winter/Mens 7v7 Over 40/North
2019/Winter/Mens 7v7 Over 40/South
2019/Winter/Mens Open 5v5/Monday
2019/Winter/Mens Open 5v5/Thursday
JG.2019/Fall/Sunday Coed Open Central Division/7v7
JG.2019/Fall/Sunday Coed Open Novice Division/7v7
JG.2019/Fall/Sunday Coed Open South Division/7v7
JG.2019/Fall/Sunday Coed Over 30 Central Division/7v7
JG.2019/Fall/Sunday Coed Over 30 Novice Division/7v7
JG.2019/Fall/Sunday Coed Over 30 South Division/7v7
JG.2019/Winter/Wednesday Women's Central Division/5v5
JG.2019/Winter/Wednesday Women's South Division/Group A/5v5
JG.2019/Winter/Wednesday Women's South Division/Group B/5v5
JG.2019/Winter1/Tuesday Women's Over 30/5v5
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/Highschool/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U10-U11/Youth Competitive Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U10-U11/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U12-U13/Youth Competitive Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U12-U13/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U14-U15/Youth Competitive Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U14-U15/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U8-U9/Youth Competitve Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Boys/U8-U9/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/Highschool/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U10-U11/Youth Competitive Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U10-U11/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U12-U13/Youth Competitve Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U12-U13/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U14-U15/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U6-U7/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U8-U9/Youth Competitive Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/Girls/U8-U9/Youth Recreational Soccer
Y.Winter/2019/U6-U7/Youth Recreational Soccer